Carmen’s Biography!

Carmen was born and raised in Saskatoon, the sixth child in a family of seven. In 1988 she obtained a B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan. She and her husband, James, live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with their eight children whom they home-school. They work fulltime now promoting purity and the Catholic faith through fiction.


This ministry began back in January of 2002 when Carmen was inspired to write a novel about courtship and chastity, entitled Arms of Love. In April 2007 Surrender, the sequel to Arms of Love was published—focusing on the themes of vocation, discernment, and purity.

These novels have proven to be very effective means of presenting Theology of the Body, Marriage and Family Life, the Sacraments and the Catholic faith to audiences of all ages, men and women alike. Fiction is a great tool for Evangelization as it works its way into the hearts of readers!

Young people are truly responding to the message of Christian Courtship. Having seen the devastation in our culture from the sexual revolution, parents and youth are looking for alternatives to the dating games of our world.

By defining boundaries, establishing guidelines and bringing romance back into the heart
of the family, courtship is setting the standard for young couples to prepare for lifelong love
in marriage.

As an author and a speaker Carmen has had the privilege of seeing many young couples embrace the principles of Christian Courtship as they prepare to enter into marriages of their own. The purity of these relationships is inspiring to all who meet these couples as they witness to the world through holy, Godglorifying romance: the way the Lord intended it to be.


Carmen has spoken at many,
varied events:

♦ as a key-note speaker for a Catholic Family Conference
♦ Pure Fashion Shows
♦ various chastity events
♦ Pro-Life rallies and banquets
♦ high schools and youth groups
♦ parent groups
♦ Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF)at a bioethics seminar
♦ numerous radio programs
♦ 100 Huntley Street Television Program
♦ EWTN’s ever-popular show Life on the Rock with Fr. Francis

Like the Gospel message itself, Christian Courtship is a truly counter-cultural message. And like the Gospel message, it is for everyone who has ears to hear it. In this twentyfirst century, God is calling Catholic Christians to live fully their faith with courage and without compromise!

One Way Publishing House is dedicated to John Paul II, inspired by his call to the New Evangelization. We entrust our work to his prayers and intercession that, through the work we do, souls will be drawn to Christ and His Church … as we change The World, one heart at a time!

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