Canasta Rules!
(as per the Marcoux House Rules)

ca·nas·ta [ kə nástə ] (plural ca·nas·tas)

(1) Noun: a variation of rummy in which two teams play against each other, building sets of seven cards together to score points.

(2) Noun: a set of seven cards “melded” together for a designated number of points within the rummy-like game of the same name, Canasta.

(3) Noun: a really fun way to spend your evening with family and friends, enjoyed by players of all ages!

(4) Noun: a game popularized as a favorite past-time for the fictional Collins family from the Arms of Love Series by Canadian Catholic author, Carmen Marcoux.

(Mid-20th century. Via Spanish, "basket" < Latin canistrum, because a “basketful” of cards are used.)