List of Carmen's Talks

The following talks can be targeted to suit the particular interest of the audience and can be adjusted from 30 – 45 minutes in length. Carmen is always happy to allow for a Q&A following her talks. Carmen is very flexible about combining topics, or speaking on a topic more suited to your audience.

“Young people are truly responding to the message of Christian Courtship. Having seen the devastation in our culture from the sexual revolution, parents and youth are looking for alternatives to the dating games of our world. By defining boundaries, establishing guidelines and bringing romance back into the heart of the family, courtship is setting the standard for young couples to prepare for lifelong love in marriage.” Carmen

Looking for Love in All the Right Places: Everyone is looking for love, but not everyone is finding it, so they settle for cheap imitations. When we look to Christ, the source of all love, we discover the ultimate example of how we can find and live out true love. This talk presents the Theology of the Body in practical terms for the audience.

Courtship: Love without Regrets: In this talk Carmen encourages youth and parents to put aside modern notions of dating. It is not enough to look at all the dangers of unchaste living, young people need to know there are real and positive alternatives. As a roadmap for living out chastity, courtship allows couples to enjoy God-glorifying, dynamic romance that will pave their way to true happiness and life-long love in marriage.

Modesty Speaks for Itself: Every book is judged by its cover. In this talk Carmen encourages young women to embrace the virtue of modesty as their personal billboard to the world of their dignity and value as persons. Strengthened by Christ’s love, young women discover that there is more to beauty than the shape of their bodies, high-priced fashions, and inappropriate male attention. Modesty allows a woman’s true beauty to shine from the insideout. (This talk can be adapted to address how parents can foster this virtue in their daughters and the virtue of “keeping custody of the eyes” in their sons.)

Physically Chaste, but Emotionally Trapped: Young Christians are so often committed to the idea of physical chastity, yet they still buy into the culture of dating which often leaves them emotionally scarred and carrying baggage into the next relationship. By embracing the gift of their singleness, young people discover how to live life abundantly right now while trusting that God has a perfect plan for each of our lives. (This talk can be adapted to address how parents can foster this positive life-attitude in their children.)

Restoring Catholic Culture for our Families: Bombarded by secular-humanism and a culture of death, how can we restore a Catholic Culture for our children to enjoy? In this talk Carmen presents practical ideas on how to invite our children to be alive in their faith, active in their Catholic community, and a light to the world. Ultimately, we are building a Civilization of Love, one family at a time.