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Teenage Girls and Young Women

"As soon as I opened it, I could not put it down.  The story was so real.  Through your story, I not only learned more about relationships, but also about my faith.  It was so much easier for me to understand our Catholic church than any other book I had that focused on the Church.  I am so blessed that you were inspired to write a story where I felt God was speaking directly to me." (Rebecca 20 years old)

"It has changed my out look on life and faith completely!" (Lauren, 12 years old)

"Before I read your book I was someone I didn't like.  I lied, I cheated, I did stuff that I am really not proud of.  I didn't see all of the people I was letting down, including myself and God.  After reading your book it changed me and I realized what I was doing with my life.  Your book changed my life so much and made it incredibly better.  I don't know what to do to repay you." (Anna, 15 years old)

"I can tell you that without a doubt, through the Grace of God, this novel has turned on the light bulb in my head.  About halfway through the book something just clicked and set my heart on fire, burning to live for and develop a relationship with Jesus!  I'm anxiously awaiting a sequel!" (Beth, 25 years old)

"In Arms of Love, the reader is shown ways to incorporate a Catholic approach to everyday life challenges, and for myself acted as a catalyst in asking the question: 'Am I living life for the glory of God?'" (Kristin, 19 years old)

"It was the most inspirational novel I have ever read.  I really felt God talking to me through it in many ways, answering questions I didn't even know I had." (Michelle, 16 years old)

"I found the book to be truly inspiring and my faith life has grown so much since I read the book.  Not only is the book a useful tool regarding relationships, it is also a way to learn more about the Catholic Church." (Beth, 20 years old)

"It was by far the most amazing and inspirational book I've ever read!  Even though these two amazing characters aren't real... I still look up to them as role models.  I could write a hundred pages on all the things that your book has done for me." (Catherine, 15 years old)

"Reading your book opened up new doors and provided me with a solid foundation in regards to starting a relationship. I tell everyone about the book and I refer to Joanie and Brandon as if they were real people that I actually know." (Lina, 25 years old)

"I found the character Joanie to be absolutely inspirational.  Her constant devotion to our Lord and her resolve to guard her heart reminded me of my need to love the Lord above all and to trust in Him, that He will provide a man who can love me the way I deserve to be loved." (Lisa, 26 years old)

"This book really put my life into perspective.  It changed everything.  In this world that tries to confuse you, with world-crazy friends that tell you to do the opposite, this book really made me see why it is important to be pure and it showed me how to be closer to my faith.  I think every single teen should read it!" (Isabel, 15 years old)

"Though Joanie is a fictional character, in many ways I think she's become a real person to many of your readers because of the inspiration and holy example she brings to them.  And Brandon reminds us that we are all in need of a sort of spiritual "conversion".  They inspire us to be better people.  Young people don't need all of the "smart love" books that are on the market nowadays.  They need books like Arms of Love that define true, pure love for them!! (Christina, 13 years old)

"I can't tell you enough about how much I loved your book!  I recommend it to ALL of my friends, because even though it is a fictional book, it has so much truth to it, and that gives me hope to wait for something better than what only this world has to offer me." (Jennifer, 19 years old)

"This novel was a true example of holy romance, sacrificial love and Christ’s sanctifying grace.” (Janelle Reinhart, 22 years old Catholic Recording Artist)

Teenage Boys and Young Men

“God used your book to supply hope to me where despair was gaining a foothold. I loved this book so much and I greatly anticipate another one.” (Mark, 24 years old)

"I can't believe how real the characters all became to me!  Arms of Love is a moving experience I will never forget!" (Joseph 16 years old)

"While I was skeptical for the first few chapters, by chapter 47 I gave up going out with the guys because I was so close to being done.  Thank you for your book.  It was truly inspiring!  God bless you and the work you do!" (Paul 19 years old)

"It really taught me what relationships should be all about and gave me good guidelines to help keep them focused on Christ and purity. By reading Arms of Love, I have learned all about courtship, surrendering deeper into God's will and the virtues of fortitude, prudence, and purity. " (John, 19 years old)

"I have yet to read a book on the subject of courtship that has had such a strong impact on my Catholic faith.  Arms of Love teaches courtship on a much more understandable level.  Even on my second time reading this book I still learnt things about my faith. This book has definitely helped me draw closer to Jesus in a big way!" (16 year old)

Fathers, Mothers, and Single Adults

"I have now made it 'required' reading for our two teenage sons. I am not a big reader of fiction books, but this book is excellent and drives home the teaching we are attempting with our sons with great eloquence." (Jeff, a father)

“I was refreshed and inspired by the whole story." (Kevin, 33 years old, father of three)

Arms of love is a compelling witness to the universal call to holiness and how we, despite our failings, can live out that call." (Bobbi Sosic from "Revolution of Love")

“I find it has given a new springtime to my vocation as a wife and mother.” (Paula, mother of eight)

"Your story is very close of that of young Catholics who have been raised and have built their families during the period of great John Paul II." (47 year-old man)

"I really enjoyed finally reading a wholesome book that speaks of the Catholic faith and its teachings so well.  Today's world bombards our children with a very mixed message regarding sexuality, so having a novel like yours is essential." (Myriam, a mother)

"Thank you for giving me the revelation I needed in my life.  It was a life changing moment." (43 year-old single woman)

“Not only is it beautifully written, with characters who become like friends, but it proclaims the truth of chastity and the glory of man and woman, with a boldness which is necessary amidst the false voice of this secular world." (Susan, 44 years old)


"Life can make you cynical, and your novel was the perfect antidote!" (42 year-old priest)

"May I be so bold as to present to you 'a must read'!  Be entertained, be inspired, be edified, and be renewed in hope for marriage and family life in our own day!" (Fr. Alex MacLellan)